Jaja Ekspres is specialized in high volume transport (complete and partial goods) and organization of transport for consolidation of consignments.

Our transport services include:

  • Complete loads
  • Partial loads
  • Groupage loads
  • Express deliveries
  • Transports of hazard goods (ADR)
  • Regular transport routes
  • Complete logistical service
  • Just in time transport
  • Exceptional transport
  • Transport of vehicles
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Welcome, we are Trucking, experienced logistics company operating in over 150 countries across the world.

We offer organization and execution of transport and logistics projects, maintenance for transport vehicles, documentation and legal support in the field of transport and labor laws.


  • International transport

    With our fleet of modern transport vehicles, we mostly cover the Western Europe region. The countries where you will most frequently come across our vehicles are: Austria, Italy, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and France. However, we can transport your cargo to any destination in Europe upon the customers’ request. We also provide transportation services to Greece and Turkey.

  • International transport

    Our trucks transport dangerous goods-ADR on international roads and we also have the permits for cross-border transport of waste in Europe (Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium…), therefore our customers are provided with perfect services in Europe.

  • Transport vehicle maintenance

    A team of experienced mechanics provides regular technical support and maintenance of our own vehicles. Moreover, those who decide to have their vehicles repaired in our workshop are serviced with the same care and precision.

  • Logistics projects

    Would you like an external company to take care of the products coming out of your production line? In line with your wishes and demands, we make sure that cargo is properly stored, tagged and delivered to your clients on time, regardless of the size and type of cargo. We meet your demands for any kind of cargo in any volume. We coordinate pick-up and delivery times with you and support you in the process of delivering your products.